RapidShare Happy Hours – No Waiting Time, No Complex CAPTCHAs

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 30, 2008

rapidshare-happy-hourIf you find it tough to solve the complex Cat CAPTCHA images in RapidShare or need to download multiple files in one session, try postponing your downloads until the happy hour is active.

During the ‘happy hour’ period, even free users of RapidShare get to download files instantly without solving any tough CAPTCHAs.

While restaurants and bars have ‘happy hours’ only during late afternoons, RapidShare activates their ‘happy hour’ for 18 consecutive hours on weekdays and for 14 hours on weekends starting at midnight British Summer time (UTC+1) or 5:30 AM if you’re in India.

There are some Firefox extensions and desktop utilities that can run in the background to check if the happy hour is active over at RapidShare but you may not need them – just create an event in Outlook or Google Calendar that will automatically remind you when the happy hours go active and start the downloads.

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