OpenID for Dummies + How To Make Your Blog URL as Your OpenID

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 6, 2007

openid logoThink of OpenID as a single username+password combination that lets you log into hundreds of websites including Digg, Blogger, WordPress, Technorati, etc.

And unlike traditional web forms that require you to type both the user name and password, you just need to type a personal URL in the OpenID login box.

OpenID Concept: Learn about OpenID in plain English.

OpenID Working Demo: How to use OpenID across different websites:

OpenID Presentation cum tutorial – delivered at OSCON ’07.

Get an OpenID: Here’s an easy way to get an OpenID that is the same as your blog URL:

Step 1: Visit myOpenID and create your profile – it will be something like

Step 2: Open the HTML source code of your blog / website and add the following lines of code:

  <link href=”” rel=”openid.server” />
  <link href=”” rel=”openid.delegate” />

Replace xxx with the user name that you created in Step 1. Save and you are done. Your blog URL is now your OpenID. Thanks Abhijit

The other option is to use your own website as an OpenID URL with phpMyID but that requires access to your web hosting space.

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