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You have probably come across a dozen services that help you find out the Google PageRank of websites across different Google data centers.

The problem with most of these online PageRank checking tools is that they have no memory and you have to type all the URLs again each time you want to check for any fluctuations in PageRank.

Enter Parameter, a free desktop based bulk PageRank monitor that completely eliminates all the above problems. This software checks PageRank of multiple websites across different Google data centers and also saves the PageRank data over time so you can easily plot the trends.

And it maintains a record of all your website URLs so you need not have to re-type anything. You also have the option to pick the Google data centers across which you want to run the PageRank test.

The best feature of Parameter is the URL extraction tool - you type a root address (like and it will fetch all the URLs that are linked from the page. It will then run a PageRank check for all those pages so you instantly know about the important pages of any website. - Windows only. Thanks Ilya.

Published in: google pagerank - Windows

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