Make a Family Tree with help from Relatives & Family Members

Make a Family Tree Online – stay in touch with friends, family members and distant relatives. You can also document your family history, rememember important events and always keep in touch with all family members through the family tree.

November 01, 2007

make family treeOne Family is a new place to build a personal family tree with photographs and other details of your family members, friends and relatives.

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To get started, you are shown a basic family tree chart with nodes representing you and your parents. You then expand the family tree by either adding details of other family members yourself or just send out email invites to relatives so that they can fill their own details.

The interesting part is that all your relatives and family members, who you have added to the tree, can also contribute and expand the family tree by adding more relatives or inviting others. The cycle continues.

Other than building the family tree, everyone in a family can upload photos, share ancestral history, track family events and more. If there’s a new baby born in the family or your phone number has changed or something else, you can inform all the family members in one go.

Overall, is a nice (and private) hangout for all your family members and relatives. Thanks Jammy.

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