Kallout Brings Web Search Inside Office Documents, Notepad, etc.

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 28, 2008

Kallout is simply brilliant. It’s a tiny Windows utility that integrates web search inside Microsoft Office documents, Outlook email, text files opened in Notepad or even PDF files that you may be reading inside Adobe Acrobat Reader.

flickr-word   word-google

Let’s see how Kallout works with Microsoft Word – you make a text selection inside a document and there pops up a contextual menu with links to various search engines. Pick any one and search results get displayed inline in a speech bubble dialog as in the screenshots above.

You may also check this video screencast to get a better feel of Kallout:

With Kallout installed, one can also read Wikipedia articles related to the selected word / phrase without leaving the current app. If there’s a YouTube video or a Google Map, you can view that inline as well as in the following screenshot – YouTube inside Notepad.

iphone notepad

Kallout is something really innovative and will save some boring trips to the web browser while you’re doing a report in Word or finalizing that presentation in PowerPoint. All the information you would need can be retrieved with a simple right click.

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