Issuu PDF Viewer Makes Your Presentations Look Beautiful

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 2, 2009

issuu Issuu, a free web service that converts PDF presentations into good looking Flip magazines, just got better.

They have added a new web based PDF viewer that renders slides as regular images instead of Flash – this is useful as people can then view your PowerPoint decks on mobile phones or inside web browsers that don’t have the Flash plugin.

The menu bar of Issuu PDF reader is inspired by Adobe Reader.

mode You will also find a new "presentation mode" in Issuu with full screen support that’s again done extremely well – earlier you could only view presentations as Flip magazines.

Here’s an example of Presentation View and the same PDF but inside Image mode (aka the Paper view).

Other than providing a visually stunning web viewer, Issuu also lets you customize the background color so that the viewer blends just right with the color scheme of your website.


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