Compare The Popularity of Any Topic on Facebook with Lexicon

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 15, 2008

Facebook Lexicon is like Google Trends – it lets you compare how frequently different words and phrases are written on Facebook over time. The popularity graphs are drawn using content posted on Facebook Walls, events and profiles.

facebook popular topics

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Facebook Lexicon graphs are plotted relatively so you can easily figure out if topic X is more interesting than Y or Z among Facebook members. You may enter up to five terms, where each term can be a word or two-word phrase consisting of letters and numbers.

For instance, the graph below suggests that more people talk about Mumbai on Facebook than Delhi or Chennai. This is also a good indicator of Facebook’s relative popularity in different cities of the world.

facebook google trends

The Facebook charts are done in AJAX/Flash so you can’t embed them in websites other than taking a screen capture as I have done for this story.

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