Create Quick Polls through Email, SMS or IM Clients with Notifu

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 31, 2008

You know how to use Gmail for Email Polls but here’s an even better solution for conducting polls among a group.

Called Notifu, this new service lets you create polls online and users can cast their votes via email messages, SMS, voice mail or IM clients including Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live and AOL.

poll-recipientsProblem: Say you are planning a movie this weekend with friends and like to know about their availability.

The problem is that some friends are active on IM, some use only email while the rest stay offline and prefer the good old phone for communication.

Solution: With Notifu, you can create a unified poll on the web and send it all your friends in one go irrespective of the medium they use for communication. So if someone prefers Yahoo! Messenger over email, you can send him the question directly on his Yahoo! IM.

Poll Question inside Google Talk email-poll
Poll Question inside Email

People can simply reply to the email or IM message and cast their vote. Notifu collects all the responses and will create a simple report of responses as as well as a list of people who haven’t replied yet. Simple yet awesome tool.

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Update: Notifu may be a good choice for conducting polls via SMS messages because it probably the only free SMS polling service that works outside US as well (including India).

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