Capture Ideas For Your Mind Map Via Firefox Search Box or iGoogle

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 4, 2008


MindMeister, a web based tool for creating mind maps online, provides some very unique options for capturing and inserting ideas into an existing mind map without having to load the map.

firefox-search-boxIE and Firefox users can type their "idea" into the browser search box and it will automatically get added as a new node to the default mind map.

Then there’s a Windows Vista gadget to capture ideas from the desktop pretty similar to GyroQ that’s available for Mindjet MindManager. Likewise iGoogle users can capture ideas straight from the Google homepage.

Once you have all your ideas / notes added to the mind map, you can arrange nodes into branches via drag-n-drop. MindMeister also lets you edit mind maps offline using Google Gears. Useful.

MindMeister Tools | Thanks Steve.

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