Timeline: How Our News Sources Changed in the Last 200+ Years

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 15, 2009

Our primary sources of information in the last 200 years – Timeline


In the early 19th century, the only way to get news was face-to-face communication but that started to change with the advent of printed newspapers and magazines in the 1900s.

Then came radio, followed by Television which still dominate the medium but people are quickly moving away from traditional media as Internet websites and social networks are fast becoming our primary sources of news and information.

traditional media timeline

This shift in the way we consume information has been brilliantly captured in these graphs by Thomas Baekdal who also predicts that traditional media reporting on newspapers, Television & Radio will disappear by 2020 to be replaced by social news.

The traditional journalistic reporting is by now completely replaced getting information directly from the source. Everyone is a potential reporter, but new advances in targeting will eliminate most of the noise. The journalists will turn into editors who, instead of reporting the news, bring it together [from citizen journalists or live sources like Twitter] to give us a bigger picture. 

You can download a bigger version of this graph from the author’s website, or get the white or black version for your desktop backgrounds.

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