‘Stumble Upon’ Interesting Websites through Delicious

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 18, 2008

delcious-stumble StumbleUpon toolbar has this nice "Stumble" button that, upon clicking, takes you to some random but interesting website. Click the button again and you’re transported to another site and the cycle continues.

Now if you don’t have StumbleUpon installed in your browser, try this easy hack that lets you channel surf the web on the lines of StumbleUpon but using public del.icio.us bookmarks.


Let’s say you love exploring web pages that are specifically about Photoshop. In that case, simply click the link below or drag-n-drop that into your browser bookmarks bar as a bookmarklet.


If you like to only explore popular content related to Photoshop, use this bookmarklet:


The trick is simple – if you add the ‘random’ parameter to a delicious page, it takes you to one of the bookmarks that’s already saved on that page.

Just replace the word ‘photoshop’ in the above links with any other topic – say web2.0 or lehman or sarahpalin.

There’s something more. If you are looking to explore completely random sites via delicious that may or may match your interest, use these links:



The former will take you one of the bookmarks that was recently saved on delicious while the latter will limit surfing to only sites that recently got popular on delicious.

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