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Are you an industry expert (like Om Malik) or a content curator (like Maria Popova) who’s looking to start your own email newsletter that you can publish on-demand whenever you have something interesting to share or say?

You have several options to choose from but if you need a newsletter service that is really easy to setup, doesn’t cost a penny and, more important, one that gives you an option to charge email subscribers a recurring monthly fee for them to receive your interesting shares, check out TinyLetter.

tinyletterGetting started with TinyLetter is simple. Pick a unique username – this will become the sign-up URL for your email newsletter – then sign-up with your email address and your newsletter is ready for people to subscribe.

TinyLetter offers a Gmail-like WYSIWYG editor for composing your email newsletter. Once you send an email blast to your newsletter subscribers, they can also reach out to you by replying to that newsletter but without knowing your actual email address. Basic stats - like how many how many times your newsletter was opened – are also available inside TinyLetter.

One of the most interesting feature of TinyLetter is subscription. You may set a fixed monthly fee for your newsletter – like $5 per month - and people will have to make the payment via PayPal before they can actually become a subscriber. Subscribers are directly taken to PayPal once they put their email address in the subscription form.


You can either receive subscription payment directly into your PayPal account, or if you do not have a business account with PayPal, TinyLetter can collect the money on your behalf which can then be transferred to your personal PayPal account. is another paid newsletter service but it uses Amazon Payments instead of PayPal.

Published in: Email - paypal - useful

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