One System Dashboard for all Social Networks

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 10, 2010

Can’t live without your favorite social networking sites? Here’s something that will help you in those anxious moments when you are unable to access a particular social site.

Social Networks - Uptime Dashboard

Social DownorNot is a public dashboard that displays the current system status of all the popular social networking websites in near real-time.

You’ll know whether a particular social site is up or down or having performance issues.

Other than site’s homepage and the login pages, Social DownOrNot also monitors the status of various social APIs that are used by the apps which will help you debug why your app may not be working at any given point of time.

For instance, the Twitter site may be up but if their API is having problems, none of the associated mobile apps or desktop clients will work. also include a 7-day history of a site’s performance along with graphs that include performance indication by country. Here’s a sample graph for Twitter:

twitter performance

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