Write Comments on any Web Page with the Sidewiki Bookmarklet

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 29, 2009
google sidewiki bookmarklet

While it has been possible read Sidewiki comments with Google Toolbar, you can now read as well write new Sidewiki comments on any website from any web browser include Chrome and Safari that don’t support the Google Toolbar.

The Chrome team has released a bookmarklet that will display all the Sidewiki entries for the page you’re currently viewing in a pop-up window but what’s useful about this bookmarklet is that you can even write new entries for that page as long as you are logged in with your Google Account.

Google Sidewiki – drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar

iPhone or iPod Touch users may install the bookmarklet via iTunes and they can then use Sidewiki from their mobile device as well.

Reputation Management with Sidewiki

If you own a website or a blog but have never used Sidewiki before, here’s a reason why you should do that now.

Google allows the owner of a website to write a special Sidewiki entry on every page of their site and this entry will always appear at the top of other Sidewiki comments. You can’t moderate Sidewiki comments left by other Internet users but this feature will at least help you narrate your side of the story.

You need to add your site in Google Webmaster Tools for Google Sidewiki to determine if you are the owner of any page on the Internet.

sidewiki reputation management

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