SEO Tips for Bloggers from Tim Ferriss

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 2, 2009

Tim Ferriss recently shared some tips on how one can make his or her blog posts popular. Excerpts:

Make sure your post focuses on just one idea. If you dilute your post with multiple topics, it won’t have the same impact.

Don’t chase topical news. “That’s a losing proposition,” he said. Those kind of posts don’t have much evergreen value and other sites are probably doing it better.

To find those key terms that users are looking for on Google, use Google keyword search and check the last three months of keywords on the topic you’re writing about. Make sure to include the most popular search terms.

For archived blog posts, just a simple change in the title wording from the default “Categories” to “Topics” increased click-throughs significantly. (I did this on my blog years ago.)

Be ruthless in zapping the lunkheads who leave vitriolic, off-topic or offensive comments on your blog. “There’s enough negativity in the world, you have no obligation to put it on your blog.” Agreed.

Tim Ferriss: Tips on what works in a blog

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