Send Printed Greeting Cards through Facebook

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 21, 2010

Greeting CardsSending an online greeting card is easy.

Just go to or, pick an appropriate card for the occasion and hit send. Your friend will get the card in her Inbox the next moment – she’ll probably open it for a split-second and then trash it forever.

Sad but that’s the actual state of e-greetings. They were all the rage in the late ’90s but most people don’t pay attention to them anymore.

Print & Mail “Real” Greeting Cards

If you are looking to send those good old printed greeting cards to your real friends but without having to visit the post office, there’s a new Facebook App called Fidipidi that can help you.

You just have to select a card from your Facebook page and Fidipidi will print it on paper, add the necessary postage and will then send it to your friend via snail mail in the next 24 hours.

Facebook Greeting Cards

You can personalize the cards with photos that are already in your Facebook albums or add then directly from your computer. The app also display a list of upcoming birthdays from your Facebook friends list though it won’t fetch their mailing addresses for you.

Fidipidi charges around $4 per card but since they have just launched, you can send one printed card to any of your friends or relatives for free using the coupon code “1stCardFree” without quotes.

The downside is that the mailing address of the recipient should be in US as they don’t ship cards to international destinations yet. To learn more, see this video:

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