Create Short URLs for Google Search Queries with Gog.Is

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 10, 2009

Google Short URLsYou are chatting with a friend who needs help in framing a Google search query that  returns more relevant web pages in the search results.

You could go to Google, type the appropriate search  keywords and then  send him the corresponding Google search URL. You may also want to use TinyURL  because long Googlesearch URLs can break when shared  via email or through IM messages.

If  this is something you do frequently,  try – it’s a URL shortening service  but limited to Google search   queries.  Just add the keyword after the domain and  that URL will automatically redirect you to the corresponding Google Search Page.

For instance, the short URL redirects to the longer Google query string For compound search queries, you can use either a comma (,) or a plus sign (+) to separate the keywords – so both,inspiration and would point to the same search page on Google.

For Twitter, may be a better alternative to tinyurl for sharing Google URLs as what’s on the target page becomes obvious from the URL itself so no embarrassing situations.

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