Ego Surfing: How to Perform That Daily Ritual of Googling Your Name

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 28, 2007

Ego-surfing, or searching for occurrences of your own name or your company’s name on Google and other web search engines, is a common activity among most web users.

And ego-surfing (or self-googling) is not always about the ego – it helps you track conversations on the Internet that are related to you or your company and you could gather some good feedback which would otherwise go unnoticed.

This quick guide on “googling yourself” touches both blogs and websites that are without feeds.

Blogs and Websites with RSS Feeds:

technorati rss It is extremely easy to discover reactions to your name on blogs in real time because they all provide RSS feeds – just type your name in any blog search engine (like Google, Technorati or and subscribe to the feed of the search results in your news reader to get notified automatically whenever there’s a discussion that refers your name. 

Websites without RSS Feeds:

There’s a vast universe outside blogs as well that includes regular websites, personal homepages, social networks, message boards, mailings lists and more.

The only way to track your name in such places is through Google web search but unlike blog search, Google won’t let you sort results by date and there are no RSS feeds in search results.

No worries, here’s how to automate that daily ritual of ego-surfing on Google.

Step 1: Goto Google Advanced Search and select “past 24 hours” in the date field. This will filter all web pages from Google search results that were indexed more than 24 hours ago.

Step 2: Type your names enclosed in quotes in the search box – also include any common misspellings separated by the OR operator. (e.g. – “amit agarwal” OR “amit aggarwal” OR “amith agarwal”). Hit Enter.

create rss from webpage Step 3: Copy the Google URL in the address bar and paste that into the search box at This will create an RSS feed of your search results that you can subscribe via email or in any news reader.

You will no longer have to type your name in Google every morning – if there’s a new web page that mentions your own name or your company’s name, it will be pushed to your inbox (or RSS reader) automatically.

Learn some more ego-surfing tricks for tracking mentions on and digg.

Sometimes, when I’m all alone, I Google myself.

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