Google Search on Airtel Mobile Phones

Airtel and Google have entered into a partnership where Google Search will be made available on Airtel Live! WAP portal. Google Search on only displays search results on the internet, and will not be the same as search results on Airtel Live! portal.

October 12, 2007

Airtel is launching the Google Search engine on its WAP portal – Airtel Live! – in partnership with Google. For simply conducting the search by using the Google search box, there are no charges.

This Search facility will allow customers to experience the power of Google Search on content offered by Airtel as well as by that available on the Internet.

Google Search box will be provided on top in the Airtel Live! portal. Customers can type in keywords in the Google Search button, click “Search” and the results will load on to the customers screen.

There are no charges applicable for using the Google Search feature. The search results page is downloaded free of cost.

The results page will display content available on Airtel Live! portal and also sites on the internet. Only if a customer downloads a piece of content will he be charged as per the price of the content, or if he chooses to access an internet site outside of Airtel Live!, he will be charged 15p/10KB browsing charges.