ScreenToaster Does a YouTube for Screen Videos

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 6, 2013

ScreenToaster, the best online screencasting application that lets you record as well as host screencast videos, just got better.

The video portal that host user-recorded videos has been revamped more on the lines of YouTube. You can browse screencast videos by tags, channels or even filter screencasts based on popularity / number of views. There are no RSS feeds though.

Update: Screen Toaster is no longer available. Please use an alternative screencast recorder like Screenr, Jing or if you are on a Mac.

ScreenToaster’s YouTube like portal for sharing Screencast videos

You will also find couple of new features in the screen recorder application itself. First, it is now possible to include both audio narration as well as webcam video in the screencast recordings.

They have also included two new screen recording modes – slow-motion and fast-forward – these help you change the recording speed before initiating the capture process. The fast-forward mode (available as 2x, 5x or 10x) will be very useful for speed painting videos or even time-lapse animations.

I can’t think of creative uses for slow-motion playback except when your screencasts videos target people who are complete strangers to the process you are trying to demonstrate in the video.

Going forward, ScreenToaster will also add a new “upload to YouTube” button so you can record the screencast online and directly upload it your YouTube account without having to download any video files locally.

Since ScreenToaster in Java based browser application, it can be used on any Windows, Mac OS or Linux platform. See more reviews of Online Screencasting Apps.

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