Screen Sharing With Google Talk & GMail Friends Gets Simple with Yuuguu

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 10, 2008

gmail-yuuguuYuuguu is a free desktop screen sharing application that is available for all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Their USP is a browser based Flash client that enables participants to join screen sharing sessions or request remote access without downloading any software. And now Yuuguu works with your Google Talk or Gmail contacts as well.

gmail-accountYou download the Yuuguu client and then associate your Google account with the Yuuguu service. I guess this works with Google Apps accounts as well.

Yuuguu will then automatically show you a list of GTalk friends who’re currently online and you can easily initiate a screen sharing session with anyone by selecting "Show" in the chat window.

Instead of receiving the screen-share request in Yuuguu, your Gmail and Google Talk contacts will receive the screen-share link just like a regular chat message. They can click the link and will be able to instantly see your screen in a Flash enabled web browser. Very cool.


When in screen sharing mode, the person on the other side may even request control of your machine through the browser itself.

And since Yuuguu is a browser based app, it doesn’t matter if you’re on Windows and your friends are on Mac or Linux.

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