Domain Up for Grabs

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 24, 2010

It looks as if the current economy crisis has had no effect on the web domain business., a parked web domain, is up for sale in an online auction but don’t get too excited because the starting bid for this auction is at least $750k.

This will be an interesting one to watch because unlike sites like or who get lot of traffic due to their names or because of misspellings, nobody is actually visiting

Google’s index has more than 4 billion pages related to "rss" but the domain is nowhere in the top 100 results despite such a good name. No wonder, this site gets no more than 700 unique visitors a day.

The domain is probably a good fit for groups that are maintaining the RSS specification or for companies who are in business of building tools related to RSS technologies like Newsgator or Google (they have FeedBurner) but let’s see if anyone is willing to pay such a heavy premium.

If you were given a chance to grab for free, what you do with the domain?

What is RSS? Credit: Common Craft

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