Matt Cutts’ Advice for Recovering from Google Panda

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 29, 2011

If your website has been hit by any of the Google Panda Updates, Matt Cutts of Google has one good piece of advice that may help recover your site from the Panda effect.

Matt says that if a site has been affected by the Panda update, it indicates that Google algorithms are thinking that your site isn’t providing as high-quality content as other sites. The fix isn’t that hard either.

Improve the quality of content or if there is some part of your site that has got especially low-quality content, or stuff that really not all that useful, then it might make sense to not have that content on your site.

In other words, few bad apples (or low-quality pages) can possibly spoil the whole bunch so it may be a good idea to either improve them or get rid of them completely.

The Webmaster team shot this video with Matt in August but for some reason they made it public just yesterday. Take this one very seriously.

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