Get Orkut on your iPhone; Orkut Events Coming Soon

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 10, 2008

Google today introduced an iPhone optimized version of Orkut that is available at the same address as the regular mobile version of Orkut. They have also added events in Orkut.

Orkut on iPhone

The iPhone version of Orkut is more feature-rich than the older mobile version in the sense that you now read friend updates, delete scraps and even view photo albums right from the iPhone.

Orkut on iPhone – Was it even required?

Orkut is mostly popular in India among teens & college students and only a very small portion of them may be actually carrying the pricey iPhone. The next popular base of Orkut is Brazil where too iPhone has just launched.

Am therefore surprised that Google launched a product for such a small user base when they could have easily spent  that development time on improving or adding more features to regular mobile version of Orkut. Thoughts ?

Orkut Events

Sasidhar shares a secret URL where you can events in Orkut just like what you have in Facebook. The feature isn’t live yet for everyone but you can always check that by visiting


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