Create a Timeline from your Online Social Life

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 23, 2011

social life timeline

If you are someone like me who has a presence across virtually all the online social sites that are out there – from Flickr to Foursquare to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube – you’re probably going to love Memolane (short for "Memory Lane").

Memolane will effortlessly pull all your pictures, videos, blogs, tweets, check-ins and everything else from the various online social networks and turns them into one beautiful and intuitive timeline – see example.

Just create an account, add all your social profiles and within minutes, your timeline should be live. It uses OAuth to connect to your social network and you therefore won’t have to share your credentials anywhere.

How to Embed a Timeline in your Website

If you would like to embed your social timeline on a web page, all you have to do is copy-paste the following code in the page

<script src="" > </script>

Replace YOURNAME with your Memolane username and change the height and width parameters based on the design /layout of your page.

Your social timeline is public though you easily control the privacy settings of the various social profiles that are included in that timeline. For instance, you may add Facebook to the timeline but keep the update visible only to friends while your tweets could be made public.

There’s built-in search so that you can search your entire lifestream from a single place. What’s even more impressive about the tool is that it won’t just fetch your new updates for the timeline but even stuff that you may have posted on the Internet years ago. Try it!

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