Zoho Online Database and Reporting Tool


Zoho is adding Zoho DB & Reports to the online Zoho Suite. It’s an Online Database & Reporting Application.

  1. It’s an Online Database & Reporting application.
  2. It offers spreadsheet like interface for simple data manipulation and navigation
  3. Supports data import/export from variety of spreadsheet formats including .xls, .csv and .tsv files
  4. Drag & Drop based reporting & visual analysis, with support for creating Charts, Pivot Tables, Summary Views and Table Views
  5. Full-fledged SQL (Structured Query Language) based querying of your database for creating powerful and flexible reports.
  6. Understands SQL Queries/dialects from multiple databases - Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix and ANSI SQL
  7. You can share databases, tables & views in read-only or read-write modes
  8. You can embed Tables, Views, Charts etc within blogs and websites
  9. Highly Scalable database with access from anywhere, anytime.

Zoho DB & Reports can be adopted by a wide range of users who are looking for an easy to use, flexible, secure and scalable Web based database and reporting application.

Users could include (but not limited to) Spreadsheet users, Desktop database (like MS Access and FileMaker) users, Relational database users, Reporting/Analytics tools users etc.

Zoho DB & Reports will open up new possibilities of integration between other Zoho Apps like Zoho Sheet & Zoho Creator.

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