Sync Microsoft Office Documents with Google Docs

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 7, 2011

Problem: Keeping your documents in sync can be a problem if you work on both Google Docs and Microsoft Office simultaneously. For instance, you edited a Word document locally using Microsoft Office but did not upload the changes to Google Docs which still has the old version.

google docs sync

A decent solution to this problem could be DocSyncer, a free utility that automatically uploads your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to Google Docs. It then keeps a watch on our local folders and if it finds anything new, that is pushed to Google Docs.

That should definitely ease the pressure on your memory. DocSyncer, which is in invite-only mode, can also be used as a bulk uploader for Google Docs more convenient than email.

Update: DocSyncer is no longer available. See an alternative to DocSncer.

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