Live Documents, a Microsoft Office Replica

Live Documents provides Word, Excel and PowerPoint that will run inside the browser. And the Live Documents interface is far more impressive that existing online Office suites from Google or Zoho.

August 02, 2012

Here are the first screenshots of Live Documents, a Microsoft Office like productivity suite that seeks to challenge Google Docs and Zoho Office.

As you may have noticed, the individual programs of Live Documents look like a replica of their Microsoft Office 2007 counterparts including the color scheme, ribbon GUI, icons and the layout. The difference being that Live Documents runs completely in your browser.

autoshapes excel

Unlike the primitive Google PowerPoint, the Presentation app of Live Documents has a lot of tools (and shapes) borrowed from the real Microsoft PowerPoint. Their spreadsheet app provides a large variety of charts, conditional formatting and even support Excel Macros.

macros Live-Documents-presentation

The Live Documents interface and feature set looks way ahead of competition from existing online Office suites. And as we have already seen with Buzzword or Picnik, Flex based browser apps are always a pleasure to work with because once the app gets loaded in the browser, the response is extremely good.

With Live Documents, HotMail Sabeer Bhatia could well make a solid impact on the online office space.