Deliver Synchronized Presentations On the Web with Zoho Show

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 4, 2010

zoho-remote Slide Aware, the service I earlier recommended for broadcasting live presentations using the Internet, has closed shop recently so here’s a new and better alternative – Zoho Show.

There’s a "Remote" feature in Zoho Show (available in the toolbar) that lets you deliver presentation slides live to a distant audience over the web. And any number of participants can attend your online presentation.

Every stays on the same page all the time:

You (the presenter) remains in full control of the presentation – if you advance (or go back) a slide on your local computer, the same happens on the browser window of all other computers that are viewing your presentation.

And like Google Presentations that is integrated with Google Talk, Zoho Show too offers a chat window in the sidebar so that presenters and audience can text chat with each other.

There’s an advantage with Zoho Show though – while Google Docs requires attendees to have a Google Account for them to participate in the chat, there’s no such limitation with Zoho Show.

*This remote presentation feature in Zoho Show has been around for some time now but I discovered this only today after reading their blog.

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