Adobe Buzzword Word Processor Gets a New Home + Improvements

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 27, 2007

adobe flash word processor Adobe has just released a first upgrade to Buzzword, their Flash based online word processor, after dropping the invite-only firewall.

The new version of Buzzword includes new features like automatic word count (as you type), you can interlink documents through web URLs, and there’s support for special characters.

If you are already using Buzzword, clear the browser cache to see these new features.

Here’s a quick summary of important changes in Buzzword Preview 6:

1. Buzzword now counts your words as you write, so you’ll always have an up-to-date count. This feature could be extremely useful for technical writers and even students who are required to compose essays of a certain word length.

insert special characters2. Buzzword now has an easy to remember home – – replacing the confusing domain.

3. You can insert any special characters (including currency symbols, fractions, accented characters) in your Buzzword documents through a special dialog box.

4. Each Buzzword document now shows its address in your browser when the document is open. You can copy and paste this URL into an email or IM, or another document. The document URL are useful when you to want to link to a Buzzword document within a Buzzword document, creating an inter-related set of documents.

Note: For some reason, the paste shortcut Ctrl+V doesn’t work in Flex based form fields. Right click inside the field and then select “Paste” from the contextual menu.

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