Why Everyone on Twitter Needs NutShellMail

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NutShellMail, in a nutshell, is a free web based service that helps you manage* one or more Twitter accounts via email.

The service will periodically send you an email message (see live example) containing a detailed snapshot of activity around all your Twitter account(s).

*You may also use NutShellMail to consolidate email accounts but here the focus is on Twitter specific features.

Email Snapshot of Twitter Activity


What you see above is a screenshot image of a NutShellMail email that recently landed in my inbox. Let me explain the numbered parts:

1. The Update hyperlink is actually mailto: address. I can send an email message to that email address and it will automatically update my status on Twitter.

2. This is a list of people who have recently started following me on Twitter.

3. This is the unfollow list or people who have recently stopped following me on Twitter.

4. This section includes a list of all Twitter replies and tweets that were addressed to me.

5. Finally, this is list of recent tweets from people whom I follow on Twitter. I can reply or retweet any of these messages via email itself.

Why Twitter Users Should Try NutshellMail

Reason #1. While it has always been possible to update Twitter via email, NutShellMail turns your Twitter account into a proper email platform. So when people send you direct messages on twitter, you can reply to them right from your mail client. Another service that does this is Topify.

Reason #2. If you are using Twitter on a mobile phone with a pay-per-byte plan, NutShellMail is a good alternative to reducing your phone bills. For instance, some BlackBerry plans offer unlimited email but they charge for Internet usage.

Reason #3. If you work in a company and are worried that spending too much time on the Twitter website would reflect in the monthly web usage report, NutShellMail can possibly save you from that situation.

Reason #4. If your company feels that social networking sites waste employee productivity and have therefore blocked Twitter, NutShellMail can help you bypass that block.

Reason #5. When you are new on Twitter, you love email notifications that say “Mr XZY is now following your updates”. But as your Twitter network grows with time, these emails can often bring inbox overload. With NutShellMail, you get a nice summary of all new followers (and quitters) in a single message so no more email overload.

And finally, a short video that takes a very humorous look at Twitter.

Published in: email overload - Twitter

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