Number of Links on the Homepage of Popular Websites

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number of website links

This chart courtesy Nick Bilton will help you visualize the number of hyperlinks that currently exist on homepage of 98 popular news websites and tech blogs.

The sites mentioned in the chart are organized in alphabetical order and the size of a circle is directly proportional to the number of links that are present on the home page of that site.

Now a lot of these links may exist purely for navigation but it may still give you an idea of the effort that may have been required if you were to check each and every story / link mentioned on just a couple of your favorite sites.

You can easily see how a day spent online navigating your favorite news, blogs, and information sites, checking in with your Google Reader feeds, following a twitter stream of a couple of hundred people, and clicking on your email a few dozen times (likely an understatement for most of us) can expose you to well over 100,000 links in a single day.

The New York Times has 431 links, PC World has 312 while tech news aggregator Techmeme takes the maximum screen estate in the chart with 1081 links.

Published in: Charts - Data Visualization - information overload - visualization

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