Tips: Deciding a Name for your RSS Feed

May 12, 2009

Yahoo! shares some good tips on how to get the most out of your RSS feed.

Naming convention for feeds:

Yahoo! recommends the following naming convention: "Provider: Sub-Topic." For example, a digital photography feed from Gizmodo might be titled, "Gizmodo: Digital Cameras." And for the description, try to include key topics as well as commonly known names for your site/publication (for example, both "San Francisco Chronicle" and "SFGATE").

Select a meaningful title and description for your blog: Feeds that are automatically generated by blog-hosting services typically are given a title based on the name of the blog itself. However, if you have direct access to your website’s feed, pay close attention to the title and description you select. A good title can markedly increase the likelihood that your feed will attract new readers. Because you can never predict how users will search for your feed, you should also provide a thoughtful, accurate, and descriptive summary.