Move Your Web Clippings Out of Google Notebook

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 14, 2009

google notebook If you have been using Google Notebook to capture all your web clippings, here’s some bad news. Google has decided to stop further development of Google Notebook including the browser extension that was commonly used to clip text notes from web pages.

Alternatives for Google Notebook Users

Google will no longer offer Notebook to new users but existing users can continue to add or delete clips in their notebooks as before.

It may be therefore be a good idea to migrate all your existing data from Google Notebook to another web clipping service or you may save the notebook pages locally. Here are some options:

1. Export notes as Google Documents – Open the manage notebooks page at and export all your notebooks (one by one) as new documents in Google Docs. The tag

2. Move your notebooks to EverNote – This is again a manual process. Export notebooks as an HTML page (one by one) and capture these pages into EverNote. If you have not installed the EverNote client, you can use their web interface to copy-paste data from Google Notebook into EverNote.

3. Download Google Notebooks in one go – If you have tons of notebooks in Google Notebook, you should look at this Grease Monkey script that adds a new "Export Notebooks" link on your Google Notebook page. You can click the link and download all your notebooks in either Atom (RSS) or HTML format.

4. Use Microsoft OneNote – If you have a copy of Microsoft OneNote, use this Firefox extension to send your notebooks from Google to OneNote. You’ll first have to export the notebooks as HTML web pages though.

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