Most Popular Online Media Sites Among Bloggers

Following a list of mainstream media websites that get maximum link love from bloggers as they are the top sources of news for bloggers. New York Times, Guardian UK and Wall Street Journal top the list.

October 02, 2009

Following a list of mainstream media websites that get maximum "link love" from bloggers. Or in other words, these 50 websites are the top sources of news for bloggers and thus are linked (or cited) most frequently from blogs.

With a few exceptions like BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail & Guardian, most of the popular online media sites that tend to get most links from blogs are from North America.

Top 50 News Sources for Bloggers on the Web

Rank 1-10
Rank 11-20
Rank 21-30
Rank 31-40
Rank 41-50
1. The New York Times 11. FOX News 21. Slate 31. Salon 41. Science Daily
2. Guardian UK 12. The Boston Globe 22. CBS News 32. Chicago Tribune 42. Market Watch
3. The Wall Street Journal 13. USA Today 23. Google News (AP) 33. Newsweek 43. People
4. The Washington Post 14. Daily Mail 24. Wired 34. CNN Money 44. Miami Herald
5. CNN 15. Time Magazine 25. Financial Times . 35. CBC 45. The Seattle Times
6. Telegraph UK 16. BBC News 26. PBS 36. Yahoo! Finance 46. Yahoo! Sports
7. Yahoo! News 17. National Public Radio – NPR 27. NY Post 37. The Economist 47. The Dallas Morning News
8. MSNBC 18. NY Daily News 28. San Francisco Examiner 38. New York Magazine 48. San Jose Mercury News
9. The Los Angeles Times 19. Forbes 29. Business Week 39. 49. Star Tribune
10. Reuters 20. San Francisco Chronicle 30. The White House 40. The Houston Chronicle  

This list, known as Technorati Attention Index, illustrates the strong influence of mainstream online media in the blogosphere. And the higher the number of incoming links to a news site in the past 30 days, the higher the rank of that site will be in the Attention index.

International Herald Tribune ( is not part of the list as it has merged with The New York Times website ( but the biggest surprise here is the absence of Christian Science Monitor website which recently ceased their print edition and switched to a web-only format.

Associated Press (AP) is probably represented by Google News in the index since that’s where AP stories are currently hosted on the Internet.

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