Microsoft and Yahoo Explain Google Better Than Google

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 3, 2009

This is the actual HTML code that is used to render the homepage of Google.

 google html code

As you may have noticed, there aren’t any meta tags in the Google source code so search engines have to rely on the DMOZ directory for fetching descriptions that display as snippets in the search results for queries like google, google search, etc.

Now here’s what you’ll get when you try searching for the keyword "google" in the top three search engines.

Google on Windows Live Search

google on live search 

Google on Yahoo Search

google on yahoo

Google on Google Web Search 

 google description

Yahoo and Microsoft Live get the perfect descriptions but interestingly, Google search incorrectly describes "Google" as a place where you can "search and browse mail-order catalogs online."

This is probably a glitch where the description of Google Catalog Search has been mixed with that of Google Web Search but the bug has been around for quite some time now and I won’t be surprised if it affects any non-Google websites that are relying on the DMOZ directory. If that’s the case, some visitors may be skipping these sites altogether due to incorrect snippets in the search results.

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