Create a Flipbook Magazine with any Web Content

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012

I earlier discussed a few content curation tools that make it easy for you to clip snippets of any kind of web content – be it tweets, videos, photographs, or even presentations – and publish them all under a single web page. It is like creating an online scrapbook where you clip content from different online sources.

Turn the Web into a Flipbook-style Magazine

Themeefy is another impressive tool for curating online content but it takes a slightly different approach –  instead of creating a single page with all your web snippets, Themeefy compiles everything into a beautiful magazine that resembles a flip book – see sample.

You may either use your mouse buttons or the arrow keys on the keyboard to flip through the pages of the magazine. The Themeefy player, like the new SlideShare, is rendered using HTML5 and hence your curated magazine can be read on tablets too (no Flash required) though you would miss the page-turning animations.

There are two ways to clip content with Themeefy – you can either use the bookmarklet to clip snippets of any web page or they have a drag-n-drop interface, similar to Storify, that can pull content directly from standard sources like Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

If your “magazine” has too many pages, viewers can make use of the index page to directly jump to any particular section. You may also embed the magazine to other sites using the standard HTML code though it won’t let you change the size of the embedded player.

Themeefy is currently free but, according to founder Titash Neogi, they do plan to have paid version as well with certain premium features like new themes and additional publishing options. You may sign-in now using your existing Facebook or Twitter account.

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