Geo Notepad Brings Location-based Alerts to your Laptop

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 15, 2012

“When my car is passing the shopping center, remind me to pick some toys for kids. When I am at home, remind me to charge the mobile phone.”

Location-based reminders are now integrated into your iPhone and iPad while there are third-party apps like Location Alert and Geo Reminder that can bring similar functionality to Android and Windows Phones respectively.

Well that was about smartphones but are you looking for similar location-aware apps for your laptop computer? If yes, try GeoNotepad – this is simple Google Chrome app that runs in the background and will automatically alert you whenever it finds tasks associated with your current geolocation.

location alerts

The Chrome app works something like this. You first need to define a set of locations on the Google Map – it automatically detects your current location but you can also add other locations by dragging the pin on the Google Map.

Once the locations have been defined, you can attach notes to these locations and the app will show them as alerts whenever you are near a particular location (see the above screenshot).

Geo Notepad probably uses local storage to store your tasks and location data as it doesn’t require you create any online account. Also, Geo Notepad can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux machines as long as you have Google Chrome.

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