Book Chain in Israel Tries to Woo the Facebook Crowd

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 9, 2009

Disconnect for a while, read a book.

facebook logo

Tzomet Sfarim, a book chain based in Israel, is using a variation of the Facebook logo in their print ads to attract Israeli youngsters who may be too addicted to the social web especially Facebook.

The ad reads "Face a Book" with the tag line – "Disconnect for a while, read a book." Obviously the idea is to disconnect from the internet and switch to reading "physical" books.

The color scheme and fonts used for "Face a Book" ad are the same as the original Facebook logo and I won’t be surprised if the legal team at Facebook manage to take this down. That may however be a good thing for the Israeli book store as takedown notices on the web often bring more publicity.

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