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Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 15, 2009

Bing has just launched a new feature called Visual Search where you can search stuff with the mouse without having to any text queries.

iphone app search

For instance, you can open the book section, scroll through the popular book covers (they are sorted by name by default) and then narrow the search results based on the author name, the category of the book or even the length (number of pages). You can further sort this resultset based on the book’s release date or the sales rank of that book.

Bing’s Visual Search includes an awesome interface for finding apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch without firing up the iTunes Apps store.

Go to Top iPhone Apps, narrow down your search results by category (Productivity, Games, Office, etc), choose whether you are looking for free app or paid ones (and if so, you can also specify the price range) and there you have all the apps that you may be looking for.

yoga postures

Yoga Poses are another interesting feature of Bing. Basically you can narrow down search results to yoga poses that help in the ailment of particular diseases or poses that are beneficial for different body parts (arms, heart, etc.).

Then you have travel destinations to help you plan your next family vacation.

You can not only filter places visually based on countries and on months when you are planning to take a break. And if things look a bit confusing, just choose the "Most popular on Bing" option to just see places that are most popular on the web.

Video screencast – Bing

If you don’t have the Silverlight plugin on your computer yet, it’s time to get one else you’ll miss using something that not only beautiful but very useful as well.

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