Outlook Imports Email Addresses from Facebook, Offers No Takeout

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 1, 2012
import facebook email address

The new Outlook.com web mail service from Microsoft makes it super easy for you to import contact details from Facebook and LinkedIn into your address book. It imports birthdays, addresses, phone numbers (from LinkedIn) and also the email addresses of your Facebook friends.

If you haven’t had a chance to try this yet, go to outlook.com and switch to the People tab (see video demo). Now choose “Add People” from the “Manage” menu and choose Facebook from the list of available options.

Outlook will now import your Facebook friends details into your address but this data won’t include their email addresses. Open the “Add People” menu again and now you will see an option to import Facebook email addresses.

Outlook is a one-way street

This is useful because you can export your Outlook address book as a CSV file and import it into other systems like Gmail but there’s one big limitation.

Outlook will not let you export any data that was auto-imported from a social network network like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can see the imported email addresses, phone numbers and birthdays of contacts inside Outlook.com but you can’t take this data out to another service at least yet. If you add any custom data to an auto-imported contact, that data will however be included into the CSV file.

Fortunately, there’s Yahoo! Mail that does allow quick export of Facebook email addresses.

Video – Import Email Addresses from Facebook

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