How China Censors the Internet – Video

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 17, 2009

An employee of Baidu, the Google of China, has leaked a document folder that suggests in detail how authorities in China censor the Internet.

Video – Internet Censorship in China

These internal documents contain information about internet monitoring policies of China, how censors can search web pages for sensitive keywords and the unique point system that is used by government to reward the "more efficient" Internet police staff.

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List of Words Banned in China

Here’s a quick list of blacklisted topics and sensitive keyword phrases that are blocked on the Chinese Internet. These include:

  • Chinese Communist Party, Ruling government
  • Puppet government, One-party system
  • Dictatorship, tyranny
  • Human rights in China & Freedom of expression
  • Gao Zhisheng (Chinese lawyer and activist)
  • Falun Gong (Banned cult in China founded by Li Hongzhi)
  • Keywords related to Military, Gambling, Brainwashing & Sex
  • Kidney harvesting from live people, Organ Sale
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre
  • Tibet, Taiwan Independence
  • Cheating in Examinations, Fake Diploma courses
  • How to make bombs, counterfeit money and so on.

In addition to keywords, these documents also include a long list of web addresses that have been deleted from the Chinese web. The full leaked folder with all the keywords and other Baidu documents is available for download here.

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