Guardian: Fining Bloggers for Non-Disclosure is Futile

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 10, 2009

Responding to FTC requirements that bloggers should disclose relationships, Jessica writes – "Fining online writers for non-disclosure is futile"

There is a vast difference between a "professional" blogger and someone operating socially on Facebook or Twitter. But there’s also a big difference between bloggers with large audiences and those just writing for a few friends. And that’s the real problem with these guidelines – they’re too simple a solution for something as complex and nuanced as internet content.

Ultimately, it can’t be up to the Federal Trade Commission to regulate bloggers’ accountability – that’s something we have to do for ourselves. If bloggers want to be taken seriously, we should be transparent about being compensated for content: it’s really that simple. Our credibility is in our own hands, and is determined by every post we write. And those aren’t the rules, just common sense.

From: The Guardian

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