How to Run a Poll on Google Plus

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 27, 2013

Facebook offers a useful “questions” feature that allows you to conduct polls and people can participate in the poll right inside their Facebook newsfeed. You can create polls on your Facebook Page (see example) though not on your personal profile.

Google Plus, unlike Facebook, doesn’t include support for polls but there’s a little workaround that will help you convert a regular status update into a live poll. To get a better picture, please see this sample poll running completely inside Google Plus.

Google Plus Polls
How to conduct a poll on Google Plus?

How to Conduct a Poll on Google Plus

  1. Put your poll question in the Share box of Google Plus and set the visibility of your status update to “Public” or limit it to one or more circles.
  2. Write down the different poll choices as separate comments under the same status update. You have to be quick here because your status update has already been published.
  3. Once you have added all the choices, disable comments for that post. This is important else people may put their choices in the comments and it will be extremely difficult to analyze the thread.

That’s it. Google Plus can add their vote by +1’ing the corresponding comment. You can click the +1 count against any comment to see the profile of people who have actually picked that particular option.

Technically, this is a multiple-choice poll since users can +1 any number of comments in the thread.  And full credit to the AdSense Page where I first saw this workaround.

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