Google Plus Finally Allows Cross-Posting, But Only to a Site that Nobody Uses

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 3, 2012

Google, for some unknown reasons, doesn’t offer an API for Google Plus and hence there’s no easy way for users to cross-post status updates from Google+ to other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. There are some browser extensions that do add cross-sharing capabilities to Google+ but again, they are merely workarounds.

Google has however made one exception recently for Orkut users.

Link Orkut with Google Plus
You can automatically cross-post your Google+ posts to Orkut.

You can link Orkut to your Google Plus account and then anything your write or share on Google+ will automatically show up in your Orkut stream. It’s not a two-way sync but if you delete a shared post from your Google+ profile, it will also be deleted from Orkut.

When the two accounts are linked, your Google+ profile photo and cover picture will be copied to your Orkut profile as well. Google also provides an import tool to help users easily copy their Orkut photo albums to Google Plus.

This can also be seen as Google’s attempt to move Orkut users, who are mostly in Brazil, from their legacy social network to the modern and feature-rich Google Plus. Let

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