Google Map Captures the Mood of People from Around the World

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 10, 2009

If you curious to know how are people feeling around the world, check out World of Emotions – it’s an interesting mashup that plots the global mood on a Google Map through smileys.

world map of feelings

The idea is pretty simple. You log on to the World of Emotions website and select an emoticon that best represents your current mood – it can be positive (feeling happy), negative (feeling sad) or neutral (meaning you are feeling just fine).

When you click on the smiley icon, the application automatically detects your physical location using the IP address of your computer and then plots your mood on the Google map.

You can then check this log or view an aggregated map to see the emotions of people by country. Of course, this may not be a true indicator of global mood but if enough people start using the app, it can get a bit close. Hat tip Keir Clarke.

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