Google Help Center taking shape of a Wiki with help from Knol

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 18, 2008

google knolWhile researching for video formats recommended by YouTube, I came across this article hosted on the Google help center. Now unlike other support articles on that are written by staff, this one is written by several contributors through Knol and not all of them may be employees of Google.

Anyone with a Google Account can edit the support article in Knol and once the edit is approved by an official representative, your change could make it to the Google Help Center.

While I haven’t see more Knol articles outside the YouTube support site, they could be coming as Google says – "Knol is a new platform we’re using in the Help Center so you can update articles and share community-edited information with others."

The growth of Knol may be nowhere as planned but Google’s idea of transforming their support center into a wiki-like structure will will definitely help Knol.

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