Use Google for Real-Time Web Search

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 5, 2009

Google is pretty quick at indexing fresh content and new web pages can show up in Google search results within minutes of getting published online.

To use Google as a real time web search tool, you can add the parameter &as_qdr=d to the Google search URL and only recent pages, that were indexed in the last 24 hours, will show up in your search results.

Get Fresh Results in Firefox always

Some of you are using Twitter or FriendFeed to perform real-time search but these sites are still a very small subset of Google. So if you like to forever replace these limited real-time search engines with big daddy Google, here’s a trick.


Open the about:config page in Firefox and replace the value of keyword.URL variable with the following URL.

Thus any search phrase that you type into the Firefox address bar will directly lead to you to (almost) real-time search results on Google. And if you you like to see standard search results without the date parameter, just use the good old Firefox search box. Thanks Ankit.

If you aren’t willing to modify the default search functions of Firefox, drag the following bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks bar and you may use Google Real Time search from any browser including Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.

Real-Time Google Search – Drag and drop this bookmarklet in the bookmarks toolbar.

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