Google Analytics "Visitor Counter" Badge for WordPress Blogs

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 22, 2009
analytics visitor counter analytics hit counter

You probably use the FeedBurner badge to show the count of your feed subscribers and Twitter badge to display the number of your followers on Twitter. Now there’s a new badge in town to display visitor data from Google Analytics onto your WordPress powered website.

Called Google Analyticar, this plug-in uses the Google Analytics API to prepare a stats widget that will show statistics (unique visitors and page views) about yesterday’s visitors on your site.

Sitemeter and Statcounter too offer similar ‘visitor counter’ badges but since all of us have Google Analytics by default, the Analytics badge may come more handy.

The same Google Analytics plugin also includes tracking of external links as well as clicks on downloadable files like PDF, MP3, etc. [via]

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