Google AdSense CPM Rates : Not so Low after all

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 2, 2009

adsense A common perception among website publishers is that Google AdSense program offers very low CPM rates vis-a-vis other advertising networks that hire their own sales team but are open only to a limited set of publishers.

Tim Carter, a former carpenter, writes this popular site called Ask The Builder on topics related to home improvement and it averages around 40,000 unique visitors per day. He was also featured as a case study on the official AdSense blog.

While Tim didn’t reveal his daily earnings in the AdSense blog, he recently told Vauhini Vara that these 40,000 unique visitors help him earn around $2000 per day. Assuming that average number of pageviews per unique visitor on AskTheBuilder is 2, Tim’s AdSense account is reaping him a healthy $25 CPM (2000/40*2).

Other than writing good and useful content that helps him draw this level of traffic, Tim’s site targets a specific niche (home improvement) and the placement of Google Ads on his site is near perfect. All these factors combined help him command such an impressive CPM on the AdSense network.

The equation {AdSense = Low CPM} may just be a myth, after all.

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